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Emergency Operations

In Case of An Emergency - Student Release Procedures

Our staff and students practice on fire drills, shelter in place and earthquake drills regularly. The staff is prepared to take care of your child if we have any kind of emergency situation where the parents can not get to the school in a timely manner. Once you do get here, be advised that all of the school’s entrances will be locked to ensure the complete safety of our children.

Parents and/or any other person who has permission from the parent for the release of the child are required to have identification. Persons authorized for the release of a child must be listed on the child’s emergency card. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Depending on the emergency, the students most likely would be assembled in the north playground with their teachers. Parents will need to identify themselves at the two smaller gates at either side of the north playground. Once you have requested your child, you will need to go to the basketball area where your child will be brought to you. This will take time so we ask for your patience through this process.
We must ensure the child’s safety first. If you have any questions, please stop by to discuss your concern. With your support, we can all work together through any emergency.