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Supply List

- Pencils
- ONLY Erasable pens in black or blue, plus a red pen for correcting
- Colored Pencils
- Highlighter
- Sharpener (non-electric with holder for shavings)
- 3-5 glue sticks
- 2 three-subject college-ruled spiral notebooks
- 4 composition books (no spiral wires)
- 6 folders with the pocket on the bottom
- 2 book covers (1 for your history book and 1 for your science book)
- 1 GB Flash Drive
- 1 mini-stapler


EDGE (Effort Determines Graduating with Excellence) is John Muir Academy's accelerated middle school program.

E.D.G.E.  (Effort Determines Graduating with Excellence) is the accelerated multiage middle school program at John Muir Academy.  By emphasizing effort and determination, students will obtain the skills needed to succeed in a 21st century workforce. 

EDGE provides a rigorous curriculum, which integrates GATE strategies to prepare students for a smooth transition into specialized high school programs. The high expectations of EDGE encourage personal academic growth and responsibility.

Teachers use problem based learning to reinforce academic knowledge, and its application in real-world scenarios. These lessons promote creativity and critical thinking making students innovative problem-solvers, desirable for any future school or real-world job. Personal academic interests are incorporated into research skills and inquiry to instill a love for learning while gaining in-depth content-related knowledge.

Through the EDGE program, students increase their knowledge of information systems and sharpen their interpersonal skills through collaborative work.

8th - High School Choice

October 11 - Shadow day reservation system opens after 5:00 pm. Families can also register for Choice informational summits.

October 21 - High School Choice Summit #1 at LBCC-PCH Campus, 9:00 - 1:00.

November 4- High School Choice Summit #2 at LBCC-LAC Campus, 9:00 - 1:00.

November 1-8 - 8th grade conferences. 8th grade parents will receive a conference time to discuss the CHOICE process as well as what programs/schools might be best for their child. 

November 7 - December 5 - High School Site Nights

December 7 - HS Choice Application opens at 9:00 am. This is NOT first come, first served.

December 21 - The application window closes.

End of February - Letters of acceptance will be mailed home.

Please visit the district website for additional high school choice information.

For high school small learning community and special program descriptions click here.

5th-6th Choice

The middle school at Muir is NOT a school of residence. Students who are interested in attending Muir for middle school MUST apply through the Choice application on Parent Vue. Because we are a small middle school with only 70 6th grade openings, we regret that not all students who apply for Muir will be able to attend. The LBUSD Middle School/K-8 office will make all final decisions regarding student placement for 6th grade.

EDGE Teachers

The EDGE teachers welcome communication with our students' parents and guardians. For general inquiries about the EDGE program, please contact Mrs. Fennell or Ms. Collins. Please contact your child's teacher if you have specific questions or concerns.


Mr. Conboy, Room 12

   6-8 SDC


Mr. LaConde, Room 13

   6th ELA

   7th ELA



Mrs. Wells, Room 16

    7th Science/Health

    8th Science

    PE/Building Healthy Relationships/Psychology


Mrs. Pigeon, Room 17

     6th Math

     6th Science

     PE/Forensics/Social Responsibility


Ms. Collins, Room 18

   7th Math

   8th Math



Mrs. Trupp, Room 19

    7th History

    8th ELA

    PE/Long Beach Scholars


Mrs. Fennell, Room 20

    6th History

    8th History